New Year, New Plans

I expect to post some interesting work in the next days. If my approach pans out the way I hope, it could be big – big enough that it almost certainly won’t. It’s worth a try, though.

I think it’s possible to reason about theology based on the temporal consequences of theological belief. I plan to make a theological case for the approach and then use it to examine the relationship between theology and our judgement of truth. If it works, this could be a step toward reconciling the material and the spiritual.

It’s proper to be prepared for success so I looked through my old posts and retracted a few. Some stirred needless controversy, others were basically pointless. I added short explanations for the retractions, redacted the text of the worst offenders and hid them from view. Old links should still work.

It’s interesting how I seem to have been working on a single insight since the beginning. Let’s see how it works this time.

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