I am Converting

[Update Jan 2018: While the Orthodox tradition seems the most correct to me, the assumption isn’t central to my work. Take my choice for what it’s worth.]

I seem to have been working toward a religious conversion with my blogging. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise given some of my recent posts.

I had a spiritual awakening and seeked for a while, realizing the importance of tradition. I converged on Christianity as appropriate for a westerner and started looking into why Western Christianity seems so much more corrupted by modernity than its Eastern counterpart. My investigation didn’t get further than Wikipedia’s explanation of the differences: I realized the Orthodox tradition is right.

Whether through bias, reason or revelation, I’ve become convinced that Orthodox Christianity is correct. I am converting; to do otherwise would be to declare myself deluded to the point of incompetence. I’d need guidance either way.

I don’t expect to be blogging much in the near future. I’m not comfortable opining on things until my views stabilize. My time is better spent learning the Christian tradition anyway.

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3 Responses to I am Converting

  1. qtl says:

    Wonderful are the ways of the Lord. I wish you the best of luck.

    (I understand your ambivalence about theology-blogging, but feel free to e-mail me if you want to bounce ideas around. I’m curious about what you saw in Eastern Orthodoxy in particular. And on Wikipedia, no less!)

    • Contingent, Not Arbitrary says:


      My interest in Eastern Orthodoxy started with the observation that they seem to have resisted modernity much better than the Western churches. The obvious null hypothesis is that they’ve been spared by the historical accident of being further from the epicenter. I wanted to see if there was any way to untangle the causality. These were the details that stood out:
      – The Orthodox organization is more decentralized and strikes me as more resistant to entryism.
      – Celibate clergy may be a bad idea for similar reasons as childless political leadership.
      – Catholics emphasize logic and reason as a means of understanding, the Orthodox emphasize ascetic spiritual practice. The prevalence of ascetic practices in old traditions suggests that they matter.
      – The theology of the filioque seems obviously misguided to me. I realized this the instant I understood the disagreement and can’t fully explain my confidence. I tried to put it to words on the blog but I’m not sure the insight is communicable.

      I suspect that my lifestyle may have had enough similarity to the common elements of ascetic spiritual traditions to trigger whatever their benefit is. This would explain my spiritual awakening and my odd confidence in things I wouldn’t rationally expect to even have opinions on.

  2. Joseph de Maistre says:

    God bless!

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