The Jesus Race

In my last post I pointed out some suspicious similarities between the implications of the filioque and the excesses of modernity. Let’s take it a bit further. If the divinity of Jesus is inherent to him as opposed to proceeding from the Father, wouldn’t it be better to emulate him rather than just being redeemed by him?

The modern image of Jesus is an avatar of niceness, love and compassion. He died for everyone’s sins, was resurrected and ascended to godhood. Compare this to the present iteration of Progressivism. Indiscriminate niceness dominates, with one exception: The White Man is responsible for all the evil in the world, and destroying him will destroy the evil. What is this if not an attempt to turn the entire race into Jesus?

This would help explain why the Right is so demonized. Not only are we heretics, we stand in direct opposition to the salvation of the world and the White apotheosis. Moreover, this would be part of why immigration is so important and why Islamic brutality is overlooked: they are to be the means of our crucifixion.

You know what worries me? Scott Adams has a theory that the best story wins. “The White Race was Jesus and died for everyone’s sins” sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? We’d better come up with a better one.

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